Thursday, March 13, 2014

30x30: Tiny Wins, a List

when every sock in the laundry has its mate

an album you can play from start to finish without skipping anything

cracking frozen puddles in winter

melting out in March and April

a perfectly sharp kitchen knife that slices through everything as if it were butter

an exceptionally juicy grapefruit

catching all the green lights

finding parking right in front of where you need to go

or being able to bike there instead

the first day of the year you can go outside without a jacket

an evening walk in the summer

first fireflies of the year

a house that smells like home cooking

sweet text messages just because

opening the windows in the apartment

a perfect hair day

buy one get one free on something you always need

a driver waving "thank you" when you let them in

unsolicited hugs from children

seeing a stranger smiling for no apparent reason

the opening credits of a movie you've been dying to see

when you hear someone you love at the door, getting home from work

the soft click of the light going out before bed

when you're tired and sleeps comes easily and heavily

Original illustration by Isabella Rotman

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